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Someone please

write my methodology section for me. I suck and apparently what I thought was my methodology is actually half literature review and half research. HALP. I suck at uni. I just want a job.

So many

Sweet summer children are going to get their hearts broken this season. I can’t wait.

Oh ohoh. TWO DAYS. Are you ready for Daenerys to KICK SOME BUTT?!

I’m actually dying. This whole episode is a tremendous example of blind faith.

I can’t even describe to you how amazing he is.

I can’t even describe to you how amazing he is.


1.Do awesome at uni and work really hard.

2.Work really hard in actual work and get £££

3. Use £££ for Florida and have the best holiday ever

4. Sell a kidney for a Download ticket because the lineup is that good.

5. Lose that extra weight youv’e been moaning about all year.

6. Gym it like a boss so you have a beach body for Florida

7. Make everyone proud and pass your driving test.

8. Be awesome.

9. Write more articles.

10. Find a job.

omg i cant stop laughing






Coheed and Cambria

Were absolutely outstanding. Some beautiful acoustic songs at the start of the set - Pearl of the Stars brought genuine tears to my eyes. Not to mention getting acoustic A Favour House Atlantic and then getting it again further into the set with full backing. Just wow. Claudio really kicked it out of the park but I was absolutely gutted he didn’t wear his hairband like in 2010 :(.

They played such a good mix of old and new and even played In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth and The Suffering. Just amazing. DL2013 please? please? 

Such a phenomenal live band. Looking forward to Enter Shikari in December if there’s any tickets left…ehehe.

peace out xo

I love itshafu

It’s official. Currently watching her stream and wanting so badly to click the donate button even though I am so skint for cash right now. What can I say? I love her cute little voice and her support plays that keep her stream entertaining and hey, if I was doing a degree in finance I’d probably want to get a different job…

She makes me want to support more because it looks so rewarding when she does it!

Speaking of degrees, I should probably get back to my literature review :(. Someone please write it for me? I just want to be doing all of the fun research-y stuff.

Peace out xo

League Season 3

Will be starting as soon as the new patch is ready. This will be the season that I venture into ranked games as I am finally feeling fairly confident in all roles. 

As an avid Riven fan, I’m absolutely ecstatic about the possible introduction of more AD Caster items and also the jungle rework!

With the introduction of the ranked 5’s ladder becoming prominent in the Tournament side of things, I look forward to seeing new teams rise and compete in the circuit and believe this will make room for some underdogs to take centre stage this year.

Are you as excited as I am?! 

peace out xo

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